Earlier today, Club Guild co-founder Loid posted a link to a series of videos containing possibly leaked information on crafting. There was a brief discussion about it in the Foundation Room chat. Most were unimpressed stating that the information was either already known and/or highly speculative given where we are in Star Atlas game development.

The Hologram checked with Star Atlas and they said they were not behind the videos:

We cannot vouch for accuracy of any information in that video, and all information that would correspond to the current facts is subject to change.

The video was produced by an individual calling themselves “Star Atlas – Leeks.” Borrowing scenes from the movie “Hacker” it cleverly wove in details about R22, crafting recipes and timetables. The video was was only up for a short period until it was taken down only to reappear again later – a likely ploy to generate intrigue and drive traffic to the YT channel. In the channel description, the following was posted:

People think this is fake and I don’t blame them. Everything is subject to change so this could be wrong in the future. Do realize that crafting these items/products cannot be done from just raw resources. You have to refine and combine as well e.g. Product A + Product B + Time = Product C. When I have more time available I’ll see if I can upload this as well.

The Hologram reached out to Funcracker, co-founder of ship manufacturing guild Aephia, for his thoughts. He confirmed that the information contained in the video was accurate and consistent with the information that they have received through numerous “legit” sources. On that note, he shared a few of the charts that his guild has generated on crafting:

When asked whether the information in the video was just a rehashing of what was already available, he said:

I won’t say that, as that is not true afaik. A good many resources were known, but not all, and the structure upgrade times are defintely new as well.

These are the structure upgrade times that apparently have not been posted before:

The Hologram has reached out to the channel’s mysterious founder but have yet to receive a reply.

Screenshots from the video:

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