Welcome to the third issue of the Star Atlas Community Shout-Out – a spotlight on the news and events happening within the Star Atlas community.

The community had a big week! Quimeracon Madrid took place on November 5. It marked the largest public gathering of Star Atlas community members to date (over 150 in attendance). Santi made a surprise appearance at the event, but the biggest news was the merging of Quimera with Dragon Corp. Luccius from Quimera said the partnership with Dragon Corp. “will strengthen our political, military and guild leverage within Star Atlas. It is all about providing our members with the best tools for them to succeed.”

There were a number of other notable partnerships this week. Sycthe became part of Heimdall Industries. Polaris Fuel and NebularTV formed a partnership.

A small group of community members met up with the Star Atlas team in Lisbon for the Solana Breakpoint conference on November 4-7. It was great to see some of the real faces behind the pfps.  Let’s hope this will be first of many doxxing events to come!

Prolific content creator and Quimera co-founder Khal uploaded his 250th video this week. Khal is an inspiration to all Star Atlas content creators. The Hologram congratulates him on reaching this major milestone.

The number of candidates for the Star Atlas Council continues to grow. This week we added two more candidates. 13bomb3r from pirate guild Skull & Bones and Ardo from Final Frontier. The Hologram is awaiting materials from two more candidates. If you think the road to becoming a Council member will be easy, think again!

This week we said goodbye to the mysterious Star Atlas Leeks! After dropping a series of alpha stuffed videos over a 2-3 week period, a heated discussion erupted on the Star Atlas Discord demanding the “leeker” reveal his/her identity and the source(s) of their information. Much of the discussion has been deleted but The Hologram determined that Samskara from The Club was likely the person behind the account. Samskara is no longer a member of The Club.

Dominic from Star Atlas had an interesting Twitter thread about community. Some notable quotes: It’s important to realize that a community comes together and circles around an idea. A project. A team. There needs to be substance. The more powerful the idea, the easier it is to build a community. Star Atlas as a concept has allowed and will continue to allow people to dream and imagine. To some, Star Atlas may be an impossible task. To others, Star Atlas is what let’s their imagination run wild with possibilities.

Finally, The Hologram is looking for a new cover image for the Star Atlas Community Shout-Out. We would love to feature a community-created-original-image. Share your submission on Twitter and tag The Hologram. We may also throw in a prize or two for the winning image.

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