Welcome to the second issue of the Star Atlas Community Shout-Out – a spotlight on the news and events happening within the Star Atlas community.

The Club became more “clubby” this week. The guild announced the creation of multifaction clubs, a new strategy to help them get organized for SCREAM. For more details you can check out our latest article here.

Quimeracon, a live in-person event organized by Quimera, takes place on Nov. 5 in Madrid. This is the first IRL meeting of members of the Star Atlas community. They have over 150 people attending and the venue looks amazing!

A new book called Ready Player Earn will be coming out soon. According to author Dr. Mark Bowles, a Star Atlas community member, the book will cover his last 18 months navigating the blockchain gaming space. The Hologram was pleased to get an early copy. Look for our book review soonish!

The Supernova Racing League just completed another successful tournament. Congrats to Gargantua Industries for the top spot. Special recognition should also go to Star Atlas Italia for gobbling up the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th spots!

Final Frontier guild leader Ardo had a great interview with Michael Wagner in the latest issue of Front magazine. Some really interesting information about both Ardo and Michael.  You can read/listen to the entire interview here. Btw, for those who didn’t know, Arktype did the cover design!

This week, Atlas Theory announced a new show called Season Zero. This 6-week pilot will focus primarily on educating the uninitiated about the metaverse. According to AT, “Season Zero is an experiment of web3 content creation. It is also a test on the best way to deliver that content. It begins with Atlas Theory in the real-world, but who knows where it will end?” Spooky!

David Muller aka SpriteVonPixel launched his virtual gallery of Solana NFTs and they are spectacular. You can hop into the virtual exhibition here and see the whole collection. If you click on any of the images it will take you to Solsea where they are available for purchase. Oh yeah, Shaddix1 provides the music. What’s not to like?

Polaris Fuel and the Kosmos Hotel announced a new partnership this week. According to Polaris Fuel founder, Birr4s, the two businesses will work together to raise their visibility within the community by holding events and/or contests together. The long term vision: during your stay at the Kosmos, Polaris Fuel will resource and repair your ship and even clean it. Sign us up!

This week three new candidates put their hats in the ring for the Star Atlas Council. The Hologram created a dynamic page where you can learn all about each candidate and why they are running.

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