The Club guild turned up the heat on its marketing this week in what appears to be a push to fire up its base, recruit new members and get a head start on organizing for SCREAM. In a Discord post by co-founder Loid, The Club reaffirmed its multifaction status and introduced a new Guild structure called “Star Atlas Clubs.” In this formulation each career path in Star Atlas will have its own club.

The Club is betting heavily on the multifaction approach and believes it will lead to a better player experience and give their guild a competitive edge over others once SCREAM and other Star Atlas game modules are released. The Club isn’t alone, ~40% of the guilds in Star Atlas are listed as multifaction including heavyweights Quimera and Aephia. The Club sees the following benefits:

– Having friends and allies in each faction AND all within The Club will be very beneficial to us ALL.
– By sharing this common goal we can trust each other much more easily than if we had to rely on outside guild alliances.
– We will be large enough to offer our services to other guilds, especially security fleets and S3R fleets.
– By setting up large organisational structures in each Faction, we will be fully self sustaining and will be able to rapidly expand into the high risk zone when it becomes available.

Other guilds contacted for this article said the strategy makes sense and some are using similar approaches. Kristian Drangel of the Interstellar Alliance pointed out that coordinating and managing players is the biggest challenge but felt that The Club could pull it off.

There is no easy way to manage hundreds of individuals with high level of responsibilities who also have their own interests and thousands of others who also want part of the pie. Everything looks easy on a piece of paper or on the plan board, but in reality it’s one hell of a challenge. I can only hope the gameplay and the management tools for the guilds is broad enough to make it easier for the central planers to manage the lower levels of the organization.

On the multifaction vs. single faction debate, one guild leader said:

I think it makes sense around roles but I don’t see how it addresses the fundamental issue of how to balance faction and guild loyalty in SCREAM, as rewards are faction loyalty based.

This seems to be the biggest liability for multifaction guilds and The Hologram has yet to hear a convincing argument on how it will be managed in SCREAM which will feature faction vs. faction gameplay. Will factions within multifaction guilds be required to swear allegiance to the guild above all else? Or, will multifaction guilds just become service providers – creating tools for players to self-organize and self-govern? Time will tell.

Lucius of Quimera:

We believe we will be able to circumvent that aspect by working (like we already are) on logistics and systems to make the best out of said choice. Multifaction I think will benefit those big guilds that want to be a commanding presence in SCREAM, not so much smaller guilds who will be engulfed by all the things to do. We are super competitive and one of the few guilds actually ready right now if SCREAM hits the shelves tomorrow.

According to co-founder Loid:

We all know Scream isn’t the game we signed up for. We read the whitepaper and that’s the game we are waiting for. Scream is a faction vs. faction game as far as we know and in that case, Club members will try not to directly attack other Club members. Once the High Risk Zone comes in, that’s where multifaction will come into its own. All guilds will need to open their doors and start talking with each other if it’s just faction vs. faction.