In a cryptic tweet, the Star Atlas data running DAC Syntax announced a mysterious puzzle in celebration of their one year anniversary. The first person to solve Syntax’s cipher will claim victory over an Opal Jet Jet. The contest is ongoing until a victor claims the prize.

Syntax founder ElectricSheep posted this riddle in the Syntax discord server:

With a direct neural link to your ship, you plunge headfirst into the dizzying data-winds of unexplored space. As an electronic wraith, you are the ultimate data runner, your brain, one with the ship. It was meant to be a quick recovery job for a bit of ATLAS; go here, recover a drive, and return home. Everything was going to plan until your scanners picked up a strange transmission.

Out of the waves of static came a voice:

static “1. protector” static “2. three” static “3. ghost” static “3. nebula” static “1. orion” static “4. caesar” static “End transmission”.

Using the answer and hints from the above transmission, visit the “analytics” twitter account. Solve the cipher to receive your reward

To date, no one has claimed the prize. Public knowledge of the “analytics” twitter account is also unknown at this time. The leads would indicate a relationship within the Star Atlas metaverse, but to what extent is speculative. 

This page will continually update as more clues are delivered and puzzle pieces discovered.

You can participate in Syntax’s puzzle and potentially claim the Star Atlas Opal Jet Jet through Syntax’s discord. 

Updated Aug 17

In another tweet, Syntax released the following image and clue:

“Using the solution together with the clues shall help you in your search.”

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