An intrepid Skull & Bones pirate by the name of Metus Siderum was the first to successfully decipher clues left behind by data runners from Syntax. For their efforts in discovering the encrypted treasure, Siderum lay claim to an Opal Jet Jet for their very own.

To uncover the clues left behind by the data runners, Siderum had to expertly use a Caesar Cipher to decrypt the encoded message that contained the location of the hidden Opal Jet Jet.

Answer to Syntax’s Riddle:

With a direct neural link to your ship, you plunge headfirst into the dizzying data-winds of unexplored space. As an electronic wraith, you are the ultimate data runner, your brain, one with the ship. It was meant to be a quick recovery job for a bit of ATLAS; go here, recover a drive, and return home.

“1. protector” static “2. three” static “3. ghost” static “3. nebula” static “1. orion” static “4. caesar” static “End transmission”.

Using the answer and hints from the above transmission, visit the “analytics” twitter account. Solve the cipher to receive your reward.

From the above transmission, by connecting the number before each word to the corresponding letter in the attached word provided a 6 letter clue

For Example:
1. protector = P
2. three = H
3. ghost = O
3. nebula = B
1. orion = O
4. caesar = S

By using the key word “Phobos” and searching for “Phobos Analytics”  on twitter led to the Phobos Analytics Twitter account. Posted to the accounts page was another mysterious clue.

zhq exvdq gdwd uxqqhu

From here, treasure hunters were then required to use a Caesar Cipher with a key shift of “3”, clues that were provided in the original passphrase.

A Caesar Cipher is a type of substitution encryption that substitutes letter for other letters using a number shift. For example, in a Caesar cipher with a shift of 3, any encrypted letter “A” become a “D”. The word “Dog” would become “Grj” 

By decoding the message left by Phobos Analytics, Siderum discovered the final answer: “Wen Busan Data Runner” 

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