In an interview with Financial Fox, CEO Michael Wagner indicated that Star Atlas would be holding off from “heavily marketing” to traditional gamers until “we have an appropriate product in place.”

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to put a ton of effort into marketing to a group if they’re going to be disappointed when they actually interact with your product. Not that I think they’d be disappointed with our product in any way, it’s absolutely beautiful, but the actual game functionality is still very early stage development.

Traditional gamers have been largely dismissive of NFTs and blockchain gaming. Some gaming companies who rushed to integrate NFTs in their titles experienced backlashes from fans. In October 2021, Valve banned blockchain games from Steam and Minecraft followed suit in July of 2022. These are major traditional gaming hubs.

One of the stated goals of Star Atlas was to onboard a million players by the end of 2022. It is highly doubtful that Star Atlas can meet that agressive goal without the support of traditional gamers.

When the time is right we will start promoting this more broadly to the the traditional gamer audience. The release on Epic Game Store was a step in that direction but we’ve also specifically gated that access through these pre-alpha game codes. We could have opened the floodgates and said everybody can download this…but unless you have the full context of the development cycle and what we’re building and what the future vision looks like we want to be pretty deliberate in who gets access.

Toward the end of the interview, Wagner teased that November will be another big month for Star Atlas saying there will be “another big release in Unreal Engine.” This is likely the release of R2.

Editor’s note: Block quotes have been slightly edited for clarity. To hear Wagner’s full unedited comments about traditional gamers they start at about the 30.37 minutes into the interview.

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