The thirty-second Star Atlas Town Hall was an action packed hour full of Star Atlas content updates. Friday’s Town Hall guests included CEO Michael Wagner himself, Danny Floyd, and Chip AKA Shipto. Over three-hundred Star Atlas community members were in attendance at the Star Atlas amphitheater. Friday’s announcements delivered key development updates to ATLAS staking, SCREAM, and the POLIS DAO.

Wagner addresses recent Solana exploit

Michael Wagner opened Friday’s Star Atlas Town Hall by addressing the Solana exploit that occurred earlier in the week. Blockchain forensics point to a vulnerability in Solana wallet provider Slope’s security that potentially exposed thousands of personal seed phrases.

Wagner reassured the community by stating, “As a company it did not impact us. We do follow best practices with all of our internal security practices surrounding wallet management”.

Some members of the Star Atlas community were affected. An total estimated $25,000 in Star Atlas assets is believed to have been stolen from numerous individuals.

Wagner concluded the segment by asking individuals to consider utilizing a cold storage wallet such as Ledger.

Wagner recaps 426 Live releases

Wagner continued the Star Atlas Town Hall with a brief summary of the recent 426Live event, including the status of the major releases from that day.


The StarPath referal program has already attracted a few hundred users to the Star Atlas ecosystem. Of the nearly 400 new referrers, roughly 37% and 39% belong to the Mud and Oni factions respectively.



The official POLIS DAO metrics shared by the Star Atlas teams confirms some of the assumptions of POLIS staking. 48% of DAO participants hold 5 year contracts. As pointed out by Metaverse Explorer, 39% hold contracts with the DAO for less than a year. Only 11% of participants hold either 2 or 3 years contracts. 4 year contracts are nearly negligible.

This table represents only community participation, Automata’s positions are excluded.

Marketplace and Atlas Staking

Arguably the biggest reveal of the recent Star Atlas Town Hall was the sneak peak at the ATLAS locker. The ATLAS locker will be a staking system that rewards participants with reduced seller transaction fees in the Star Atlas marketplace. Transaction fees will be split-paid to Automata and the DAO. Transactions fees will be paid by the seller, buyers will not incur any fees.

Transaction fees will also apply to the sales of resources by players in SCREAM.

SCREAM Hangar and Crafting Updates

Towards the end of the Star Atlas Town Hall, a new SCREAM work in progress trailer was revealed. This new footage showed a pre-alpha version of what the hangar interface could potentially look like in SCREAM. Interesting points on the menu were the inventory and crafting icons in the upper left corner of the screen. During the presentation, game desginer Chip revealed that crafting in SCREAM would be dependent on the number of crew members docked at the station where items are crafted. Presumably, the more number of crew members available, the easier crafting will be. 


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