Friday, August 26th – Today’s rendition of the Star Atlas Town Hall was packed with host of work in progress images and videos of ongoing projects to include SCREAM.

Beginning on a positive note, Star Atlas Content Strategist DaveyB announced the winner of the ongoing Creative Community Cinema Contest, or Star Atlas 4C. Taking home three Fimbul Lowbies was French Star Atlas Community Member Morpheus for their work.

CEO Michael Wagner Addresses Community Feedback

Transitioning to some official, CEO Michael Wagner acknowledged that it was a bit of a “spicy” week in terms of community feedback. Community comments in the Foundation Room Chat over the past week was critical over the proposed structure of Star Atlas marketplace fees. Taking the critiques in stride, Wagner noted “Nothing motivates us more than delivering great product and obviously we want to keep the community happy.”

Next 426 Live Event Confirmed – Showroom R1 Launch

Turning towards future releases, Wagner stated that they had wanted to announce the date of the next 426 Live event, but had a last minute complication that emerged today. No timeline was shared behind the next 426 Live event but the agenda is locked in for the next 426 Live. One of the events highlighted during the next 426 Live event will be the Showroom R1 (Version 1) release. Wagner further alluded to a new partnership on the horizon and that “getting that right is important to us.” Wagner reassured the Town Hall audience, “We will absolutely share that date once we have 100% confirmation with our partners on the ability to rollout with the intended method on distribution.”

Details remain slightly unclear but it appears that Star Atlas’ Showroom distribution partners encountered an unexpected hurdle today which delayed the announcement date of the next 426 Live. Star Atlas has been working with game development company Spearsoft on building the Star Atlas Showroom. However, based on Wagner’s comments, it would appear that a different company is handling the distribution of the Star Atlas Showroom Launcher. Star Atlas has openly referred to Spearsoft in the past and the absence of any mention of Spearsoft could indicate that a different distributer is indeed involved. Community members have speculated that this could be a to-be disclosed partnership with Epic Games, makers of popular Battle Royale game Fortnite.

According to Wagner, the R1 version of showroom is already complete and the development team is working on future iterations of Showroom.

Additional 426 Live#2 Content

Concluding his segment, Wagner also revealed the remaining agenda planned for the second 426 Live event.

Automata’s Dan Park will conduct a full presentation of sustainable governance within Star Atlas including participation in the POLIS DAO. This will likely include additional information about the Star Atlas Foundation, Star Atlas Council, and POLIS Improvement Proposals.

Automata will also roll out the ATLAS Locker, the staking component cousin to the POLIS Locker and a key feature of the Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace.

The team will also formally present the Foundation Kit, a Software Development Kit by Automata. The SDK will enable future open development that will fully integrate into Unreal Engine 5 and the Star Atlas ecosystem. The SDK was developed out of necessity to integrate Solana into Unreal Engine. As with many of the blockchain projects Automata is working on in Unreal Engine 5, the integration technology does not exist. Automata is constantly building the integration tools required for development while simultaneously building the Star Atlas game itself.

SCREAM Web GL Work In Progress Alpha Images

The Star Atlas team also shared some work in progress images of the upcoming SCREAM module. For additional images released from today’s Star Atlas Town Hall, check out the Star Atlas Discord.


SCREAM Hangar Module

Full Recap

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