The Star Atlas community was greeted Tuesday with a surprise announcement from Star Atlas: “Due to the upcoming product release schedule, ship drops from all Star Atlas manufacturers are currently paused and will resume later this year.”

Many in the community were confused by the annoucement specifically the connection between ship drops and the product release schedule. Little was offered as an explanation until today when Michael Wagner replied in the Star Atlas Foundation Room with:

“Ship sales fulfilled a very important role over the course of this year. It was less about revenue, and primarily about content.

1. Recurring content delivery while we were in deep build mode on upcoming products
2. Created an economic loop for players earning through Faction Fleet
3. Revenue – while it might not appear that ships are selling aggressively like last year, there was a surprisingly high number of sales at origination price

Now that we have product launches imminent, we can return to our original strategy of launching a larger variety of ships to accompany those events. FWIW, each of these ships is unique. Both aesthetically and functionally. New ship sales are non-dilutive to existing ships, and whether we release more or not has minimal impact on existing ships, as eventually they will all be released regardless.”

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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