Starting with the energetic beat of ApeRaveClub and finishing with a mind blowing tour of the Showroom, Star Atlas certainly delivered an outstanding event. There is still much to digest and parse through but, in the interim, here’s a brief overview of the day and the major news announced.

But first our preliminary grade report:

  • Event production | Grade: A

Twitch worked well as a platform. No technical issues from the Hologram viewing deck.

  • Presentations | Grade: B

Not the usual informal and intimate atmosphere we have grown accustomed to in Town Halls, Brews and Twitter Spaces. A bit too pedantic, but given that others outside the community were likely tuning in, we can understand the scripted presentations.

  • Announcements | Grade: A+

Lots of good stuff announced today, almost too much. Most importantly, we finally have more game-like content to interact with.  The Hologram is looking forward to playing around with Showroom and the SCREAM Fleet Viewer Module.

  • Best in Show: Showroom tour by Danny
  • Most important announcement: F-Kit
  • Most popular announcement on Twitter: Epic Games
  • Best Cosplay: Santi

Major announcements:

  • Showroom: A playable demo of the AAA quality gaming experience that fully utilizes the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and is fully connected to the lightning-speed Solana blockchain via a native Star Atlas UE5 Wallet. The demo will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store.
  • Foundation Software Development Kit (F-Kit): First ever open source SDK that enables instant AAA blockchain game development on Solana with AAA functionality, available for free to developers worldwide.
  • Star Atlas DAO: Atlas locking is now available and Star Atlas releases the Sustainable Governance Framework whitepaper.
  • CORE: An exciting new graphic novel that immerses the reader in the events in Star Atlas.
  • Fleet Viewer Module: The Fleet Viewer is a standalone web3 feature that enables players to explore their fleet in a WebGL-based spaceship hangar, built for the web with technology powering the upcoming SCREAM game module.

Reaction from the community and guild leaders was positive especially with the roll out of announcements.

Loid from The Club:

“I thought it was very well prepared and delivered. I personally have been asking about the foundation kit for a while now so it’s great to see the GitHub link provided. And even though we have seen the showroom teasers previously, I was again impressed to see the scale of the ships. Just being able to load them up adds utility to the NFTs and brings them to life.”

Sir Trooper from La Mesa Redonda:

“This 426 event just validates SA as the ambitious and encouraging Metaverse that it’s meant to be. We must never forget we are in right at the beginning of this quest. It will take years but, as Wagner said today, roughly a year ago was the Rebirth Event and now we have SCORE, a Showroom, a Dao, Scream Hangar, Foundation Kit. That’s a lot of development for the first year. And we must keep in mind that this is not a simple game; all mechanics must interact with blockchain. SA is going in the right direction. Fasten your seatbelts fellows. We are taking off!”

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