Below is a list of the Star Atlas Council candidates who have declared publicly.

If you want to be included in this list, please contact StacheAttack, FowlAC, or Krigs on Discord or Twitter. Good luck to all the candidates!

Note: This list of candidates does not imply an endorsement from The Hologram or Star Atlas. Our intent here is purely informational and to provide the community with a resource on the governance function. A lot is still unknown about how Star Atlas will be governed but with the help of the community we will keep everyone informed and as up to date as possible.

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As I am also running my own project I will end up doxed regardless so I have zero issues with whatever will be required by the DAO on that end. In addition, I have a wide range of experiences that will provide useful with governance.
Jith Blade


I have been in similar positions before. I was one of the head diplomats and PR members for Band Of Brothers, once the most dominant force within EvE online. It was on the shoulders of our team that the weight of political, military and PR strategies fell, thanks to that I was one of the go to POCs when it comes to creation, collaboration and research of political & diplomatic efforts in and out of Band Of Brothers. That experience then was translated to Star Citizen as a diplomat for organizations like Black Star Initiative, NOVA Intergalactic and the organization I founded called Mortem Solis.

My job now with Quimera is to extend the influence of our agenda throughout Star Atlas. This by creating alliances, identifying areas posing a threat to us and our allies and working with our leaders to chart a roadmap for our chosen political path within Star Atlas. All this since 2004.

Editor’s note: You can read additional remarks from Lucius in our article posted on October 7, 2022 and here.

Lucius Siccius

Director, Quimera

The vision of Star Atlas is immense and, if we can execute well, it has the potential to become the first fully decentralized metaverse in human history. I believe the Star Atlas Council will greatly assist in that execution if the foundational structure of the DAO is built in an efficient and transparent way.

If the community sees fit to elect me to the Council, I hope to bring my experience as in-house counsel for a crypto company, corporate secretary, and DAO advisor to bear in order to help establish the Council’s operational framework that will set up future Council members for success. I also hope to assist on the policy side by helping the DAO navigate digital asset regulations and review PiPs for alignment with the Star Atlas Constitution.

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Patrician (Special Advisor), ROME

I believe that one of the biggest skills that I bring to the table is that I’m a fair player, I have a good definition of what is right and what is wrong. My message for the community is that I’m here to stay, and I’ll support Star Atlas in the good days and in the bad days. I’m not a Star Atlas player when the Market is green, and when things go red I’ll FUD the project. I’ll never say that the products of Star Atlas are shit or they lie to us. I’ll always defend the best interests  of Star Atlas for the long run.

I’ll always be honest and upfront with the community with the same face. I’ll never say to you, I care about the people, and at the same time, have a “secret discord” where I plan to control the resources of the game and backstab the same people, only as an example. Remember the Council is not one players job, I’m sure that the council will very important to all of us, even if I’m not elected, I’ll be vigilant like always. We are all in the same spaceship, and that will be the biggest game of all time.

Editor’s note: You can see PG Metaverse’s full remarks here.

PG MetaVerse OG


My candidacy for the Star Atlas Council is due to my interest in serving the community and the Star Atlas team. There will be many sensitive issues that arise along the way. The council will need members who are prepared to openly discuss challenging topics with transparency.

The Star Atlas Council is a necessary intermediary that, by design, will become a buffer between the community and the Star Atlas development team. It will serve the community by being the voice of the people. It will serve the Star Atlas by helping to filter out the noise of a growing community while allowing the team to focus on objectives that best serve rapid project growth and timely releases of modules as they are developed.

As the Star Atlas DAO accumulates resources and takes on more responsibility related to development futures, it becomes increasingly critical to have a council of public servants who are committed to the long-term vision of the project and beyond. I welcome the opportunity to participate as a member of the council.

Editor’s note: For more information, check out the Metaverse Nomads interview with Witticus.

Witticus Medici


I’m running because I believe not only in the mission and staff behind Star Atlas, but that it is important to have major guild leaders, the UMO, and prominent supporters involved on the council, as we are taking part in passive promotion, marketing, recruitment, and community building for Star Atlas.

By the time Star Atlas full gameplay is available, Final Frontier will be over 10-15,000 gamers strong with the support of prestigious institutions and corporations around the world. Being on the council affords me the ability to correctly relay information up and down the chain within the UMO, Final Frontier leadership/members, and across our growing gaming community.



Note: The crew of Skull & Bones has voted to send 13omb3r for the Star Atlas Council.

Read a lot of, “I” and not a lot of “We” in other candidate’s pitches. It will take more than personal accomplishments to establish the parameters for the metaverse which is Star Atlas. It will take an intelligent collective and a strong collaboration of ideas and execution to give the community the game they were sold on and what we all envision.

I am running for 3 reasons:

  • To ensure We, the player base, make it to the gameplay we were all sold on in the
    original whitepaper.
  • To ensure We, the player base, do not have gameplay skewed to one side or another providing a fair and just game for all.
  • To ensure We, the player base, have our voices heard and acted upon.

Editor’s note: To read 13omb3r’s full statement click here.


Founder, Skull & Bones

My candidacy is based on my desire to help build Star Atlas (SA) along side ATMTA and this community. I believe my skills in technical document writing, leadership, and business can be leveraged by the community. I am currently a Manufacturing Engineer for a major company. This means that I have to sift through mountains of process documents to find answers to questions and I have strict processes I must follow as well to get my job done. I desire to help build all of these types of frameworks for SA. As a document owner, writer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) within my company I am willing to leverage those skills for the betterment of the SA community.

Editor’s note: To read Zelldan’s full statement click here.


Heimdall Industries

This candidate has yet to submit an official statement.



This candidate has yet to submit an official statement.



This candidate has yet to submit an official statement.


This candidate has yet to submit an official statement.

Metaverse Explorer


This candidate has yet to submit an official statement.



This candidate has yet to submit an official statement.