My candidacy is based on my desire to help build Star Atlas (SA) along side ATMTA and this community. I believe my skills in technical document writing, leadership, and business can be leveraged by the community. I am currently a Manufacturing Engineer for a major company. This means that I have to sift through mountains of process documents to find answers to questions and I have strict processes I must follow as well to get my job done. I desire to help build all of these types of frameworks for SA. As a document owner, writer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) within my company I am willing to leverage those skills for the betterment of the SA community.

My leadership journey started when I joined US Airforce in 2004 and started playing online gaming over the last 18 years. I was class leader for druids in WoW Classic on Garithos server and later went through Airman Leadership School through the military. I later found an awesome mentor in Eve Online where the guild structures are SO much more complex while training new recruits and studying for military rank. After leading within an industry Corp there for 3 years, being Guild Master, & leading raids in WoW I left gaming to raise my family in 2012. I returned to lead a raiding guild in WoW classic in 2016 and found Star Atlas in 2021. I helped in DEEP Profits while learning Web3. Now I am Game Ops Leader within Heimdall Industries, primarily focused on building a gaming presence and training other leaders.

My business experience is still infantile in that I have done a lot of reading (and continue to read) while partnering with others to help on their endeavors. I am currently part of a construction company start-up, Manufacturing DAC in SA (HEIM), and am pondering how I can start my own business using my personal unfair advantage.

If these skills and opportunities collide into something great here within SA, then I would be humbled to receive your vote. Thank you for considering me.