Hi guys, after thinking about my approach to a possible application for the council, I decided to run for one of the positions inside the council. For the ones that don’t know me, a bit of extra info:

I arrived at Star Atlas Discord in March 2021 (found out about SA in February 2021). I’ve been promoting Star Atlas almost since day one, as an example: Giveaways of SA NFTs on Twitter, where my account before SA had 600 Followers and now has around 2000. I’m also responsible for bringing entire guilds to Star Atlas, for example, one of the biggest ONI guilds = ROME, which was only focused on Gala Games at the time, and is now a powerhouse of SA. I’m playing with The Club guild on the ONI faction.

Regarding my skin in the game, I can say that I’m very happy with my SA NFTs collection, from Posters, Ships (416k VWAP), Structures, Badges, and Collectables. Before SCORE I was the player with more SA NFTs, (with SCORE we lost track of that data.). I’m one of the 72 players that got to Poster 3. Also, I can say that I have a good amount of Polis Voting Power. And most important I never SOLD any ship, to tell the truth, I only sold 20 DOI posters that I’ll regret for the rest of my life. That shows that I’m here to stay, and I believe in the vision of Michael, Pablo, Danny and Jake from day 1, where I remember being in the TOWN HALL with only 45 people. I’m not here to flip NFTs and I’m not here for a scholarship program. I’m here to PLAY, as I’m FULL-TIME PLAYER/Game designer.

Regarding my experience in the Metaverse/NFTs gaming: I’m in NFT’s gaming since 2018 with Splinterlands, then ZED RUN in 2019. and 2020, I started my Metaverse Journey in July 2020 with The Sandbox, then in December Mirandus, and then March 2021 Star Atlas, and a few games more after that(you can see the rest on my website on my profile.) Also, I’m a The Sandbox Game Builder, and in the future, I will link to the Star Atlas universe, but so far I can’t tell more about that, sorry. Was only a bit of ALPHA drop in here. For one day, I was the link between The Sandbox crew and Star Atlas crew in the Twitter spaces as the boys knew that I’m in both projects and I know the insides of both projects.

My qualifications for the council I believe that one of the biggest skills that I bring to the table is that I’m a fair player, I have a good definition of what is right and what is wrong. I’m not in SA to take value, or to become famous using the brand of SA behind my back. I’ll be always here to protect the vision of Star Atlas without any conflict of interest, as I don’t have any company behind me, I don’t have any business where I can take advantage of Star Atlas to promote my business. (VERY IMPORTANT POINT ON HERE). Also, I speak the 3 most spoken languages of the Community, English, Spanish and Portuguese. (That will be handy in the future.) My background is in financial departments, where I worked from 2006-2021, more in the construction and development industry as a Financial Accountant.

My final message for the community is that I’m here to stay, and I’ll support Star Atlas in the good days and in the bad days. I’m not a Star Atlas player when the Market is green, and when things go red I’ll FUD the project. I’ll never say that the products of Star Atlas are shit or they lie to us. I’ll always defend the best interest SA for the long run. And having a Latin background sometimes looks like I’m rude or very direct, but I promise that I’m like a Portuguese tart, very sweet. Sometimes my English doesn’t help and looks like I’m being very frontal or even aggressive, but this is only because English is my 3rd language

I’ll always be honest and upfront with the community with the same face. I’ll never say to you, I care about the people, and at the same time, have a “secret discord” where I plan to control the resources of the game and backstab the same people, only as an example. (that situation will never going to happen with me) Remember the Council is not one player’s job, I’m sure that the council will very important to all of us, even If I’m not elected, I’ll be vigilant like always. We are all in the same spaceship, and that will be the biggest game of all time.