I have been in similar positions before, I was one of the head diplomats and PR members for Band Of Brothers, once the most dominant forces within EvE online. As part of that team I was in charge of hunting, analyzing, tailoring, forecasting and implementing strong footholds when it comes to our presence in and out of the political realm of the game.

It was on the shoulders of our team that the weight of political, military and PR strategies fell, thanks to that I was one of the go to POCs when it comes to creation, collaboration and research of political & diplomatic efforts in and out of Band Of Brothers. That experience then was translated to Star Citizen as a diplomat for organizations like Black Star Initiative, NOVA Intergalactic and the organization I founded called Mortem Solis.

As of now as director of diplomacy for Quimera, the biggest Spanish speaking guild within Star Atlas my job is to extend the influence of our agenda throughout Star Atlas. This by creating alliances, identifying areas posing a threat to us and our allies and working with our leaders to chart a roadmap for our chosen political path within Star Atlas. All this since 2004.

I own a digital marketing agency, I have a masters degree in marketing & sociology with an emphasis on human behavior.