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The mystery of what the Chimera guild was up to has been unveiled by Khal (president and co-founder) and Anthonius (vice-president and co-founder).

On this day, a couple of things were revealed that, in a fine line, give a glimpse of what is really going on behind the scenes.

To begin with, new discord roles and their respective benefits were announced. These roles are granted automatically with the help of a bot through the activity in the different chat channels and collaborating with the internal growth through the application of knowledge about the different areas that we know will be part of Star Atlas once the game starts. The roles are: Chimerian, Outstanding Chimerian, Honorable Chimerian and Legendary Chimerian. At the same time, another announcement was the implementation of the “Avat-arts”, yes, you didn’t read wrong, they are special avatars that will be generated for those who achieve the role of Legendary Chimerian. Some examples are the following:

Another announcement they made, not less important than the rest, is the lore of Chimera per se. Telling briefly and almost without details of how it will be. They let us see the images with which the story of this DAC will be drawn.

The next announcement was one that left many with their pockets on fire when they announced the release date of ORIGIN, the custom NFT line, announcing that it will be on the Digital Eyes platform: https://digitaleyes.market/ on October 2nd of this year, clarifying that the Whitelist will have access at 18:00 UTC and the public sale will take place at 19:00 UTC the same day.

From here everything went uphill, the hype increased in the room when the two presenters, Khal and Antonious, began to talk about the latest announcement, chatting about the beginnings of the guild in discord when they were, according to Khal, “only 3 crazy cats”.

Once again, the history of Star Atlas and the Hispanic community is marked by the first Quimera meeting, Quimeracon, on November 5th in Madrid, Spain. The event will be attended by guests from all over the community, guilds, startups, influencers, and surprise guests.

While the mechanics to participate in this event were explained, a Roadmap with the guidelines for the event was left in the Quimera Announcements channel.

To reserve your place, please use the following link: Quimeracon Reserva

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