The race for Star Atlas Council just got a lot more heated. Star Atlas guild heavyweight, Quimera, today announced that they have selected Director of Diplomacy Lucius as their candidate for the Star Atlas Council. So far, this is the first guild to officially put forth a name.

Lucius with the support of our intelligence and political team, provides a strong figure that is well-known within the community. Credible and with excellent communication skills and knowledge from years of experience breaking boundaries in EvE Online, Star Citizen and now Star Atlas.

Quimera is one of the largest and most active guilds in Star Atlas representing over 3500 members in more than 21 countries.

Lucius on his selection for the Council:

Our main goal has always been to be a force of positive change in Star Atlas. We want to start positive, productive conversations everywhere we go, and this is a platform with undeniable relevance to do so. It is important and we take our involvement seriously. We think the best minds/individuals should be part of the Council. Community members working together to deliver tools and opportunities for all to thrive in Star Atlas. Even if the role is to open doors for those that will make decisions, we will have visibility and a voice. It is our job as Council members to make the best out of the opportunities given. I am part of Quimera because, I can say strongly and without doubt, we are one of the strongest if not the strongest guild as of now in Star Atlas.

Much is still unknown about what exactly the Council will do, how much influence it will wield and the necessary qualifications for the job. Star Atlas over the weekend launched the “Governance” Discord channel presumably to get community input. Within hours it had transformed into a hot spot of debate and speculation – much of which is still going strong today. Recently, Aephia co-founder Funcracker weighed in stating that the role will be more akin to a “paralegal” who will mainly review improvement proposals (PIPs) and make recommendations to the DAO. In other words, Council members should prepare themselves to be mere functionaries rather than robed members of an intergalactic Senate.

[Dark] Signal, who is running as an independent, welcomes a diverse pool of candidates:

My position is that we need as many great people to run as possible. I’d welcome anyone who is willing to work hard and who cares about building a great DAO together. In the end, it’s up to the people and players and voters to decide what a great Council looks like. My dream is that there are SO MANY amazing candidates that I don’t even feel the need to run anymore. My only desire is success for all of us and the project as a whole.

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