Anyone who inhabits the Star Atlas Discord servers, can find several ventures in which the community, both English and Spanish speaking, are mobilized and begin to give color and movement to this metaverse in process.

Today we are going to point to another aspect that refers to the undertakings, taking into account that in the last few months important and essential alliances have been forged that may mark the beginning of multiple fruitful movements within the SA metaverse. One of them has been that of Polaris Fuel with the English-speaking guild Scythe, which is dedicated to security and protection. A move that supports all four pillars of the CEM winning venture, our favorite gas station.

A New Alliance

Without going any further, today we celebrate the alliance between Polaris Fuel and The Kósmos Hotel. The latter is based on the hotel of the John Wick movie franchise, where any resident of the metaverse can stay.

I had a brief conversation with the founder, Birr4s, who optimistically states the following.

With this agreement, what we want is to collaborate between our two businesses to give us more visibility within the community. Help each other in everything we do, if we need some help for an event and The Kósmos can offer it to us, that would be great, and if it is the other way around, we will be excited to be f assistance. It helps us to grow together; any progress we make is also progress for The Kósmos, and the same can be said the other way around.


Founder, Polaris Fuel

But that’s not all, another idea behind this alliance is to hold events and/or contests together, to reach more people and offer bigger prizes. A useful tool that can encourage and give optimism to the community while the excitement for the release of SCREAM grows by leaps and bounds.

The Future of Polaris Fuel & The Kosmos Hotel

Another important point to highlight is the possibility, in the future, of setting up the gas station in the vicinity of the hotel, paraphrasing the interviewee: “Imagine arriving at The Kósmos to spend a few nights, or simply an event that takes place there, and you arrive, you leave your ship and in the services offered by The Kósmos comes in filled with all the necessary resources to use the ship, repair it and even clean it.
When you leave the event or your vacation, you pick up your ship as good as new. Well, with this agreement, for example, that can be a reality without the need for The Kósmos to create all the infrastructure.
And the same the other way around, imagine that you are going to mine in a faraway place, but you need to refuel the ship, but the flight hours are many, well, with the idea of refueling the ship you can also rest in the hotel, without the need for us to worry about the entire infrastructure of creating a hotel.”

In the previous lines we highlighted the attitude of companionship and collaboration that has been manifested in other ventures and events of the Hispanic community.

On the other hand, we managed to get in touch with Amarquez, owner and founder of the hotel, who with his characteristic kindness told us the following:

Given the current economic situation in which we find ourselves, the best thing to do is to create solid foundations for the future and a good way to do this is to look for good partnerships, and I find no better partnership than the one you can make with a friend. We have been collaborating since the beginning since both projects were born simultaneously and we belong to the same Hispanic community, so it was inevitable.

With this partnership, what we are looking for now is to support each other, either to reach more people, as in other aspects, although this was already being done before, we have just decided to make it official.

On the other hand, in the future, I think we cannot find a better partnership for a hotel than having a gas station like Polaris Fuel next to us, since it has functions that we were already going to offer such as repairing the ship, cleaning it, etc.. Only now they offer it to us just as we offer them others, such as giving the option for customers to rest in our facilities or to enjoy the many services we offer, just as we offer them our security. At the same time, I doubt that the bounty hunters can leave the hotel without refilling their gas tanks.


Owner & President, The Kósmos Hotel

A phrase that I could find in both founders was that they know and support each other since the beginning of both ventures, which awakens an enormous warmth when observing the works of Hispanic minds when creating, accompanying and supporting the ventures of this beautiful community.

From The Hologram we salute and congratulate the participants of this alliance and wish them the most prosperous business in the future.


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