The idea behind The Order of the Red Hand was born when Thor was looking at the first galactic asset offering catalogue:

“We looked at all the ships and the repair and refuel ship – the R8 – really called out to me!”

Thor elaborated: “I thought if you have an entire metaverse of spaceships fighting and destroying each other, and you only have 1 group of ships going back and rescuing and repairing and refueling.”

Thor also stated that he saw a void that he could help fill in the Star Atlas Metaverse.
He added: “So someone has to go fill that void, to do a great service to the community. Yes, it will be profitable, but it will take a unique kind of person”

To make sure I kept the conversation on point, I had to ask a quick question:

“Why you? Why will you carry this banner?”

Without hesitation, Thor said, “This is not just me; this is about the people that I have with me. We started this with my friends that are firefighters, one that is an EMT, people from the rescue service industry and a lot of people that just enjoy doing that type of service, helping others!”

Thor and the other co-founders have real life experience in public safety, so it was interesting to find out where other members of the Red Hand were from. Star Atlas is an amazing community building platform, and I expected a mostly US based team, but he told me:

“We are from the US, but some of the most active members are from Australia and the UK.”

Some of their short-term goals:

They are an Ustur guild, starting out from Ustur space with diplomatic ties to all Ustur guilds through contracts.

I asked about the contracts, Thor said:

“Setting up contracts with organizations to define the services. The prices we can negotiate as soon as we see the game, but I have been working with contracts for safety services in real life, so I will take my experience and use it for Star Atlas.”

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