An anonymous tip indicates there will be a surprise major announcement during this week’s Star Atlas Town Hall.  The source, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that Star Atlas will announce the date of the next 426 LIVE event at the Town Hall on Friday August 26th.

The Hologram was able to corroborate this information by reaching out to other news sources and content creators who confirmed receiving similar information.

The unnamed source also suggested that the Star Atlas showroom would be launched during the next 426 LIVE event. The Hologram is still attempting to verify this statement; however, it is unlikely confirmation will be made prior to any potential or official Star Atlas announcement.

The last 426 LIVE event occurred in July where multiple Star Atlas modules were released. The features included the Galactic Marketplace 2.0, StarPath program, and POLIS DAO Locker. Noticeably absent from these releases was the launch of the Star Atlas showroom.

If the Star Atlas Town Hall does contain a 426 Live announcement, it is likely that the planned event date will occur sometime between the second half of September and the beginning of October. This timeline matches previously communicated Star Atlas Showroom launch dates of mid-October. A mid-fall release would also continue the running inside joke of ‘426 Weeks’ in response to inquiries regarding timeline updates.

What is noticeably different about the potential announcement this coming Friday is the lack of official promotion leading into Friday. During the run-up to the last 426 Live announcement, the communications team posted several messages hinting at a ‘big announcement’. As of writing, there has been no official indication of an announcement this Friday from the Star Atlas team.

The first 426 Live ‘announcement of an announcement’ received mixed reactions from the community. If the anonymous source’s information is confirmed by the Star Atlas team on Friday, it would add some certainty towards release timelines. Those timelines would likely be similar to what Star Atlas has communicated in the past and should not be drastically different.

If there indeed is an announcement this Friday, the reaction from the Star Atlas community will be one to watch.

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