After early August’s Solana exploit, which impacted approximately 9,000 wallets and siphoned off an estimated $6 million dollars in crypto assets, members of the Star Atlas team strongly advised all players to move their assets into cold storage. At the Star Atlas Town Hall #32 (~11 minutes in) CEO Michael Wagner said:

“I don’t want to tell people what to do…but in my opinion the best thing you can do is to get your assets in a safe cold storage wallet and interact with our ecosystem that way.”

During the Townhall, Wagner stressed that badges lost in the process would not impact a player’s experience in SCREAM. Badges are a “minor perk” and will just provide a little “kickstart” to SCREAM.

This week, while the Star Atlas community was still celebrating the announcement of 426LiveNYK and launch of Showroom R1, Ledger users were surprised to hear that they will have to move their assets out of cold storage in order to use them in R1. Doing this would remove any badges earned for that asset.

Feelings in the community were mixed. Some were upset about having to endure a second round of lost badges in addition to the pain and risk of having to move assets into a hot wallet. Some also chided Star Atlas for not disclosing this issue earlier or prioritizing Ledger compatibility over others.

Mjr_Eazy of Dark Matter said: “I can’t see many people putting medium or larger ships in a hot wallet, the risks are so high. The majority of people in Dark Matter won’t be. Some will stick an X4 or other XXS ship in a hot wallet to check it out.”

Sir Trooper of La Mesa ReDonda echoed this sentiment, saying:

“Some weeks ago I wanted to move everything into cold storage so I had to remove my entire elite fleet from SCORE and lost all my badges. I consider it to be more important to have a fleet than to have badges with little use. Security is more important and even Wagner advised that.”

Eoganacht from Bulk, said:

“I definitely understand if people have a sour taste after hearing this. After all, the project’s biggest backers are (hopefully) using hard wallets. Wagner noted that they pushed hard to have ledger integrated for R1, the team really wanted this included. I think there have been some good suggestions from the community on how this issue could be approached. The team has demonstrated they listen to feedback, and I look forward to what fruits those discussions may bring. That aside, I’m excited to see Star Atlas’s success in integrating hot wallets into UE5, and continuing to spearhead this new frontier of foundational tech.”

On a positive note, the Star Atlas team is hoping to work out the Ledger issue by the next iteration of the Showroom.

Note: Non-Ledger users who have assets in SCORE do not have to unstake them in order to see them in the Showroom.

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