The Star Atlas community is once again speculating about a possible “partnership” between Star Atlas and Epic Games. At the last town hall on August 27, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner alluded to a new partnership on the horizon and at the time cited “getting that right” as the primary reason for delaying the announcement of what we now know is 426LiveNYK.

The Hologram reached out to several guild leaders and while they are unsure as to what kind of arrangement will utlimately be revealed on September 29, they believe it will likely be the ability to download the Showroom from the Epic Games Store.

Sir Trooper of La Mesa Redonda, said:

“The rumor about a launch in Epic Games was not denied by Wagner. So the community has started to think that it’s a possibility. The relationship between Star Atlas and Epic Games is very close. Epic Games is the owner of UE5, the tech behind Star Atlas, so it would be a win-win move for both companies.”

Sir Trooper cited the recent announcement of Blankos Beach Party, the first blockchain game to become available on the Epic Games Store, as further evidence that Epic is opening the doors to support NFT games.

Signal, a council member at Dark Matter, was more measured in his reaction to a Star Atlas and Epic Games relationship.

“There’s no partnership beyond the fact that Star Atlas will use the Epic Game Store as a venue for launching content. To that extent it’s cool, but it’s not big news. It’ll give them a wider audience and a lower barrier to entry for various players, but Epic Games isn’t partnering with ATMTA to build Star Atlas.”

In other words, it’s cool to get on the Apple store but that doesn’t mean Apple is helping you build your app. Probably the most useful part of the relationship will be ease of use.

Signal: “Keep in mind various cloud gaming services support the Epic Game Store so being on there likely means you’ll be able to use those services for Showroom instead of having to upgrade your PC or get a new one. So, if all future stuff gets launched there that will be good for access. Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service supports anything on the Epic Games Store. $17/month to get the gaming ability of a 3080 graphics card and not having to upgrade their rig or buy a new one will be a big deal for a lot of people.”

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