SCREAM is upon us and has been described by the team as principally focused on Node Control, Resource Extraction, and Tower Defense. With these three pieces in mind, Bulkers have been searching and testing games we can practice together for this first WebGL version of Star Atlas. Many games check off those three items in a general sense: EVE Online, Stellaris, and a host of strategy and RTS games. However, all seemed to lack some specific element of SCREAM based on what we’ve heard from the team (which IMHO bodes well for the uniqueness of SCREAM in the gaming space).

Practicing for the Unknown

BULK is about improving personal skills to enable people to thrive in the economies of the metaverse. While we continue preparing for the full UE5 flight simulation version of Star Atlas, we have also stepped into the mobile gaming sphere with a title I feel has been our best SCREAM practice to date.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command (GC) is a mobile MMO focused on controlling systems, extracting resources, and building your base/defensive structures. While not matching perfectly with what we know about SCREAM, we have found GC has been the most accessible practice for developing personal skills for the future of Star Atlas. The gameplay involves growing your fleet and working together to secure territory as a group. As veterans of the space MMO genre will know, communication and coordination among guildmates and allies are very much skills and are fundamental to success in any form. We’ve found GC can provide players new to the space MMO genre with opportunities to practice core skills like operating as a member of a combined fleet, to navigate the galaxy as a team. While it sounds simple and straightforward, I think any guild would be wise to begin practicing this now.

Screenshot from Stellaris Galaxy Command

Our Story in Galaxy Command

We began our journey in GC a few months ago, and in that time, we have made a name for ourselves. Entering a galaxy with existing power players and alliances was not easy. We ended up occupying a lone sector of systems amid the galaxy’s largest coalition controlling a whole quadrant and then some. They promptly delivered an ultimatum to join them or be conquered. Not one to enter a relationship requiring trust with people who make such demands, we, of course, refused them and prepared for war. A galactic onslaught ensued. War after war, invasion after invasion, we repelled their fleets from our new home due to our active community and Bulkers’ dedication to working together to hold our ground.

Through weeks of conflict, the hunters have become the hunted. BULK has conquered several sectors around our original systems and is thrilled to welcome fellow UMO signatory Heimdall Industries to this server/galaxy as well. This cauldron of war forged hard players. These experiences are invaluable and cannot be purchased. As a guild leader, there is nothing better than seeing guildmates grow their skills and begin to take on leadership roles in fleet operations.

Screenshot from Stellaris Galaxy Command

How to get started in GC

  1. Download Galaxy Command
  2. Create an account or link an existing Google/Apple account.
  3. Follow the in-game tutorial, which does an excellent job of walking you through each building type and various options and in-game events available to you.
  4. Join an Alliance (guild). Most of the fascinating gameplay comes from working together as a community.
  5. Your broad objective is to develop your space station base, fleets, characters, and guild infrastructure.
  6. If you have any questions or would like to join our galactic adventure feel free to reach out on our Discord server

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