After much community teeth gnashing and hand wringing, the date for the next 426Live:NYK event is finally here. During a Web3 gaming Twitter Space today, Santi announced that the event would take place on September 29th at 1 p.m. EST. The main attraction will be the release of the showroom (version R1).

After the announcement, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner tweeted: “An incredible amount of effort has gone into the planning of this event, and countless hours worked getting the product ready to ship. Hope to see you all in attendance. This one will be memorable.”

In an impromptu Atlas Brew, Santi, Jose, and Dominic provided additional details and commentary on Showroom R1. Here are the details:

– Players will be able to see all the ships, but not all will be in full color; some will still be in clay form. Star Atlas did confirm that the Pearce X4 would be full color but had not replied about any others
– R1 will be single player
– Players will be able to walk around and teleport
– There will be some “easter eggs” in R1 for players to interact with
– The ship pads will be “interactable”
– Everyone will be the same character in R1 but not a character previously seen in pre-alpha showroom releases
– There will be a “treasure hunt” game activity of some sort

Unlike the previous 426Live, Star Atlas will host this one on Twitch. When asked why, Star Atlas pointed out that they maxed out Discord’s functionality during the last 426Live event and Twitch can offer a superior visual and interactive experience.

Response from the community was predictably jubilant, yet some were nervous about whether their gaming rigs would be capable of delivering a high-quality showroom experience.

To register for the free 426Live event, click here.

This is a developing story, and more details will be added as they become available.

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