Like many of us, Evren, the founder of Atlas Corporation, fell in love with Star Atlas almost instantly. In fact, he likes to say that he was “almost” one of its early investors, missing the private sale by just a few days. He was at the first ship sale and bought Atlas and Polis when it was first listed.

Before focusing all his energies on Star Atlas, Evren had been working in architecture and construction for 15 years. His first foray into Web3 started with a project called MyMetaHouse, a Web3 company that builds and designs metaverse houses. Discovering Star Atlas, however, changed all that.

“My entire business plan changed. I wanted to establish a business in this space,” said Evren.

In early 2021, Atlas Corporation, based in Turkey, was formed with the sole purpose of investing in Star Atlas and creating value for its business partners and investors.

“Most of our capital is distributed in the Star Atlas metaverse. We started buying and selling ships and we continue to invest the proceeds into the Star Atlas ecosystem. I also became a member of CoExist and embraced the community as if they were my own family.” [Note: At the time of publication, Evren is no longer a member of CoExist]

In July of this year, Evren took the company in a different direction. Using Twitter, he started teasing the Star Atlas community with custom Pearce X4 skin designs. Those were followed with UE5 clips of custom Pearce X4s in various settings – on the beach and in other natural settings. Praise from the community inspired him to start designing ship skins for guilds like CoExist, Heimdall, La Mesa ReDonda and others. Most of his posts have been shared broadly by the community. He’s even created his own ship called the “The Black Pearl” based on a Calico Compact Hero chassis.

When asked about his design process he said he uses a variety of programs like Autocad, 3dmax, lumion, UE5 and Blender. Skins can be generated quickly but modeling a ship from scratch is more difficult and can take about a week.

Due to the success of this effort, Atlas Corporation now has a much grander vision. Evren believes that in the not too distant future we will be able to work and earn a living in Star Atlas. There will be dozens of companies that will be competing for the hearts and minds of the community. How will they stand out among the rest? Advertising, he says.

“I think advertising is the key factor in this game. Anyone who owns a company should advertise or find someone who can do it. Although Atlas Corporation plans on engaging in a variety of tasks like trading ships or even building metaverse structures like MyMetaHouse, we will focus initially on providing advertising services through skin designs.”

When asked about how the bear market will impact his plans, he replied:

“We will continue to develop our network and produce projects. We believe strongly in the community and the Star Atlas team. We know how big what we are trying to build can be. This excites and drives us. I have full faith that we will succeed and that our efforts will not be in vain.”

His impressions of Star Atlas thus far:

“The job they do is very difficult. It’s really hard to produce something that hasn’t ever been produced. I see that this project is quite different because the community behind it is truly unique. People who have no expectations defend the project as if it were their own. As long as this community is behind it, this project will come to a very good place.”

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