If you’re a regular in the Star Atlas community, you’ve likely run across Arktype. His artwork and NFTs are legendary as is his creativity and contributions to Star Atlas pop culture. His positivity, openness, friendliness and generosity are trademarks of his personality. However, there is a lot more to Arktype than just his primate persona and adventures with The Moonman.

In real life, he has had his fair share of hardships. He has also experienced first hand the inequities inherent in today’s world and has decided to do something about it. As evidence, one needs to look no further than Atlas Grace, a charity born within the Star Atlas community and where the proceeds are transferred to the less fortunate in the real world.

What follows is an exclusive interview with Arktype where, for the first time, he opens up about his personal life and charitable ambitions.

The road to Star Atlas and Atlas Grace

From 2012-2018, Arktype was living in South East Asia volunteering for a variety of children’s organizations in northern Thailand. His first stop was a children’s home in Northern Thailand called Give Kids Hope.

“I was there for a year living in the home, volunteering at the local preschool and primary school teaching English and Art. While I was there, I also renovated an aged care home called Glory Home Thailand. I still support both of these organizations and am good friends with the founders.”

After a year in Thailand, he ended up in Cambodia volunteering for a boys home. It was during this time that Arktype met his wife whom he affectionately calls “Superwoman.” Arktype and his wife married in 2015.

“When I first set out on my travels I never expected to have the experiences I did, let alone meet someone who had the same love for helping others. They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman and that couldn’t be more true than in my life. I couldn’t have run the home without her and I certainly couldn’t be working on my artwork and other endeavors without her support and encouragement.”

After the founder of the boys home discovered that she had late stage cancer, she asked Arktype and his wife to take over. They agreed. The founder died a few months later.

“It was just grassroots. We didn’t have it set up as a registered charity yet so we couldn’t take on any new boys into the home. We ran it for another two and half years to help the boys finish their schooling and get them into university and/or jobs.”

Arktype and his wife returned to Australia in 2018 to have their second child there.

“The first one was born in Cambodia in 2016 and it was a pretty crazy ordeal. We planned on returning to Cambodia but then Covid hit. So we hunkered down and just used it as an opportunity to save and plan for a return to Cambodia hopefully in 2023.”

It was during this hiatus that Arktype discovered Star Atlas.

“I listen to podcasts all day as I work. All sorts of topics. Star Atlas came up on a couple of different crypto gaming podcasts. I initially dismissed it because I thought it was a trading card type game. I was on Youtube a few days later and saw Atlas Theory doing his reaction videos and I started to dig more into it.”

“When I finally read through the whitepaper and the economics paper it started to click. I thought that Star Atlas could be a tool to create economic change for people living in developing countries. During my time in Cambodia, teaching and mentoring, I saw that the youth there were highly talented and motivated to change their situation. They were really the first tech savvy generation to emerge after the genocide that took place during The Khmer Rouge. They were active on social media but they didn’t know how to use the internet to generate wealth. They were still stuck in an old system that values a university degree rather than practical skills and experience. Most of the young people I met had degrees but were working full time as waitresses or hotel staff and not using their qualifications simply because there were no opportunities within Cambodia for that line of work.”

The birth of Atlas Grace

In 2022, Arktype reached out to Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner about the idea of starting a charity around Star Atlas.

“He was really encouraging and loved the idea. That was all the motivation I needed and started to think about how I could build it within the Star Atlas ecosystem.”

“During the 2021 Shipmas giveaways I was fortunate enough to win some XX-Small Star Atlas ships. It was the first thing I’d ever won in my life believe it or not. So I decided to make this a ‘First Fruits’ and start the Atlas Grace wallet using these assets. Since then I’ve been periodically donating to the wallet, as well as picking up some design work within the community in return for a donation of their choosing to the wallet. I’m hesitant to ask for donations to the wallet as my ultimate goal is to make it a multi signature wallet and take the ownership away from a sole custody situation. I think this adds a level of trust and security for the wallet. I also want this to be something bigger than myself. Either the community gets behind it and it grows into something big, or people take this same model and implement it to different locations around the world.”

The grand vision for Atlas Grace

By 2024 the goal is to have a free community workspace set up in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The vision is to offer free educational workshops where young adults could learn a number of skills such as: graphic and web design, video production and editing, animation and 3D design. Other topics covered would be financial literacy, cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web3, P2E gaming and “of course all things Star Atlas.”

A number of gaming PCs would be available to use and the Star Atlas ship assets could be available to use in game, free of charge. This would allow players to dive into the Star Atlas metaverse and gameplay without any upfront costs and start earning within the game.

Arktype’s grand vision:

“Maybe it’s not just this thing I’m doing in Cambodia. Maybe this inspires others to start something of their own and help support others somewhere else in the world that’s near to their heart. I mean, think about the name: Atlas (map) and Grace (gift or unmerited favor).  If more people take this idea and run with it, we could cover the globe making an impact in different locations all over the world!”

How to get involved

“First and foremost, just encouragement and engagement on the Atlas Grace socials. Sharing a tweet or giving it a “like” might not seem like much but it’s a huge motivator for me to keep working towards these big goals.

“As mentioned I’m hesitant to ask for donations until I can set up the multi-sig wallet. If anyone has knowledge in setting up multi signature wallets, I would love to connect and learn more.”

“In the meantime I can offer my design services for small jobs or projects such as logo design or some motion graphics. In return for my time, people could make a small donation of their choosing to the Atlas Grace wallet. I feel that would be a good start to taking donations in a way where I can earn people’s trust and support them as well.”

Arktype also encourages like-minded individuals and organizations in Star Atlas to help each other out. On that note, the Kosmos Hotel and Scythe are collaborating with Atlas Grace to inspire more people to do good.

“I just love what Scythe is doing. It’s different from Atlas Grace but it’s in the same vein: create change through the Star Atlas community. Together with Partyship we are putting our heads together to help build Scythe’s goal of 100 regular monthly donors (#RoadTo100). I suggested this month’s donation beneficiary: Reach Siem Reap. The founder was my next door neighbor when I was living in Cambodia. Scythe is holding a Twitter Spaces with them some time this week and I have a Youtube interview with Reach that I’ll be posting, too. Hoping to really showcase Reach this month with a lot of different posts.”


You can learn more about Arktype and Atlas Grace by visiting his Linktr.ee.

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