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Gaming Hardware Essentials for Star Atlas

Showroom R1 will be unveiled at 426LiveNYK on September 29, 2022. Based on an informal Twitter poll conducted by The Hologram there are still a fair amount of people (~40%) that either lack the hardware or won’t be able to enjoy the full showroom experience. The Hologram reached out to one outspoken hardware enthusiast in the community to get his thoughts on gaming rig essentials. What follows is his “subjective guide.”

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Fuente anónima: Este viernes en el Town Hall se anunciará el próximo 426Live

Una fuente anónima indica que habrá un importante anuncio sorpresa durante el Town Hall de Star Atlas de esta semana. La fuente, que deseaba permanecer en el anonimato, afirmó que Star Atlas anunciará la fecha del próximo evento 426 LIVE en el Town Hall el viernes 26 de agosto. La fuente anónima también sugirió que el Showroom de Star Atlas se presentará durante el próximo evento 426 LIVE.

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Anonymous Source: 426Live Announcement at this Friday’s Town Hall

An anonymous tip indicates there will be a surprise major announcement during this week’s Star Atlas Town Hall. The source, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that Star Atlas will announce the date of the next 426 LIVE event at the Town Hall on Friday August 26th. The unnamed source also suggested that the Star Atlas showroom would be launched during the next 426 LIVE event.

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