Mob Machina, the popular NFT collection from the Star Atlas guild The Atlessio Family could possibly be set to receive a major update that includes semi-fungible tokens (SFTs). SFTs allow users to modify existing NFTs. The addition of SFTs to Mob Machina will add a whole new level of potential gameplay and excitement for gamers and collectors alike.

It is rumored that the Raindrops Protocol and Boots will be integrated into the Mob Machina ecosystems in the near future. The Raindrops Protocol is a series of five a la carte contracts that govern on-chain or proof-on-chain data specifically for games, allowing any player or item to be interchangeable with any game client that can process them.

Following the composability doctrine, the Raindrops Protocol lives literally on top of the Metaplex Protocol, further decorating existing NFTs with new metadata about whether they are a Player, an Item, or both! All contracts within the Protocol are designed to be composed with other Solana contracts enforcing game-specific rules. It is a powerful tool that allows the player to control the appearance of their NFTs, in this case the look of their Mechs.

In addition, the Boots service could potentially host Mob Machina NFTs in the future. Boots is a proprietary NFT upgrade service that exists on top of the Raindrops Protocol that allows NFT holders to trade and collect traits on their NFT in a controlled and fee-gated environment that produces reliable new revenue streams for NFT companies and the platform and is consistent with web3 principles.

Why is Boots Important? People like customizing…and they can’t. The only way to customize an NFT presently is to trade it for another. The best NFT collections are the ones with enough trait variance that a given user can find a PFP that matches about 80% of their personality. Inevitably, the quest for a “forever PFP” is out of reach for most and, more importantly, doesn’t lead to much money exchanging hands.

Boots has a Solution. All NFTs come with some traits that are customizable and some that are inherent traits, as defined by the Raindrops protocol. Think about it this way: a shirt an NFT is wearing vs. its skin color. The shirt is a token that the NFT is carrying in its backpack and is presently wearing. It’s skin-color is a piece of data recorded in an on-chain account similar to Metadata from Metaplex. The token can be unequipped, removed, and like any old semi-fungible token, traded. On removal or addition, the NFT’s image is updated to reflect the image change. Now people can truly customize their NFT, and can get to 100% match without breaking the bank!

What does this mean for Mob Machina? The successful launch of The Degeniverse proves that there is value in building functioning communities around NFT collections. Many communities attempt game-fi solutions to create community. As a successful protocol, Raindrops establishes a common economic standard by which new communities and games can integrate into, rather than endure the difficulty of creating their own networks and protocols.

For our friends at The Atlessio Family and Mob Machina, the potential adoption by The Imperium of Rain DAO into the Raindrop network would mean Mob Machina would gain access to the already established Raindrop ecosystem. Furthermore, utilizing Boots, owners of Mob Machina Mechs would be able to fully customize and trade traits with other owners. Boots creates additional economic incentives, and as described, sustains economic growth far longer than a royalty system. Lastly, Raindrops and Boots enable a verifiable yet inexpensive and quick method to create game. Does this mean a Mob Machina game is in the works? One can only hope.

Don Kane:

Raindrops is an impressive GameFi protocol on the Solana blockchain. The team behind it is even more impressive. I think the one thing their young ecosystem is lacking is a robust gamers guild presence. I imagine this changes in the near future. 🩸

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