Star Tech is the first company and a guild in the Star Atlas community whose mission since its inception was to develop valuable technologies for the community. I am joined by the co-founder of Star Tech – Arazdeveloper, to tell me all about it. Arazdeveloper and his friend MJ started with website development seven years ago, where MJ was focused on the websites, and Arazdeveloper was devoted to android app development. As a team, they entered the crypto world approximately two years ago.

Arazdeveloper continued:

As I was researching the concept of the “Metaverse”, I was introduced to Star Atlas as one of the less developed crypto projects in September 2021. It was not that well known, and the second I saw it, I discussed it with MJ, and we realised we could put our software development experience and benefit from it in Star Atlas metaverse by helping the community!

Long-term vision: finance, tech and industry organization, similar to Cerberus in Mass Effect.

Short-term plans:

  • investor system development
  • profit share from Star Tech
  • organic growth focused on the community of Star Atlas
  • Creating customized Smart contracts for various services (e.g. Job listings)

It is pretty straightforward how they came up with the name Star Tech, as they want to develop tech for the Star Atlas community. To see where the passion came from, I asked him:

“Why did you think that your tech would help Star Atlas?”

And I liked his answer: “We could not tell at first; we just went for it! Almost one month later, we came up with the HR solution for guilds in the community called Star Atlas HR. We realized that the idea was great, but it was too soon, and the scope was too narrow, as we did not have guilds to test our software and give us feedback on what to develop next.”

This did not discourage them.

“We came up with Star Tech, a tech company in Star Atlas. This broadened our scope and the products we could develop for the community. As research is my main focus in our company, I focused on what was the most needed for the community. We came up with:

StarTech Hub – The Everyday tool for Star Atlas Explorers”

This was their way to see what they could do for the community – they asked guilds to join their Hub and give them feedback on what to develop because the Hub is fully modular.

The difficulty they faced was that they did not have the trust of guilds in Star Atlas, who would dedicate their time to connect their wallets to the HUB and then only have a look around and see how it could be useful to them.

(…) small guilds are way more interactive with the hub than the big guilds

This is where the Opportunity is for Star Tech and, at the same time, their core advantage

Because Star Tech is looking to provide service to the small investors, the small guys with finance tools, this is probably because they have supported them in the beginning. Now they are focused on delivering solutions for them.

But the truth is – big guilds are just a group of small-time investors. The active guys are rarely big-time investors. The big-time investors don’t want to do work, they want to see profits, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The little guys, little investors, are the ones that drive progress because they show the big-time investors what areas of economics need funding, research and development.

When I saw ArazDeveloper in the Star Atlas Brew when he joined and started talking about developing software for the community, I told him to chat to the guilds, and I was an early secret advisor to him on how to approach this.

He put a notice on the website that says, “In order to utilise all the services we offer, we kindly ask you to connect your wallet. If you doubt our intentions, you can easily create a new wallet. This small effort will go a long way, helping us to create the best experience for you”.

This second sentence proves to me that ArazDeveloper did not fully understand how to get the most important thing in our Star Atlas community which is TRUST. He attempts to explain what you can do to show him trust. It should be the other way around, he should prove that he deserves your trust first, so in case you would like to give this a chance,

What I advise anyone that will look into this is:

USE A BURNER WALLET. Use a wallet with nothing on it just to see how the HUB works so that you can imagine what Star Tech could be in the future.

I have extensive experience in Elite Dangerous, so I know what a tool like this could mean for a player overwhelmed with information from the game. This kind of tool, when the game comes out, could: summarise, analyse and present the information required at a given moment to the player. This helps a player navigate the ever-expanding universe and keep track of the mission they are on. Knowing what you did a couple of days ago and keeping a journal is also very helpful because it can inspire others to follow in your footsteps and discover the universe in their way!

I have connected a burner wallet to the HUB, and the feature I like the most is the Job Listings.

To help grow the user base on the HUB, I suggest to everyone looking to hire someone for a freelance task in Star Atlas Community to use this part of the HUB.

What they can to do for now with the HUB:

  • Resupply All your Fleets
  • Join a DAO
  • Find and apply for a job
  • See the latest Star Atlas News
  • Access YouTube Broadcasts

So, in fact, not all of this is proprietary because it has been done by all the guilds featured in the Guilds section in the HUB, but it does bring it all into one place.

With hopes that the community will give it a try and contact Arazdeveloper and his team with suggestions on what to develop next, I give you a little statistic:

They started with 15-20 users; now, they are at approximately 200 accounts that use the HUB.

The following guilds have already registered on the Star Tech HUB and can testify to what they experienced:

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