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Star Atlas Delivers with 426LiveNYK Event

Starting with the energetic beat of ApeRaveClub and finishing with a mind blowing tour of the Showroom, Star Atlas certainly delivered an outstanding event. There is still much to digest and parse through but in the interim, here's a brief overview of the day and what was announced.

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Gaming Hardware Essentials for Star Atlas

Showroom R1 will be unveiled at 426LiveNYK on September 29, 2022. Based on an informal Twitter poll conducted by The Hologram there are still a fair amount of people (~40%) that either lack the hardware or won’t be able to enjoy the full showroom experience. The Hologram reached out to one outspoken hardware enthusiast in the community to get his thoughts on gaming rig essentials. What follows is his “subjective guide.”

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Weekly Star Atlas News Recap

Starting in September, The Hologram will be sending out a weekly recap of the top news in Star Atlas. If you only have time to read one thing, read this!

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