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Star Atlas Townhall recap

As usual, Star Atlas put on a content rich townhall with plenty of alpha drops (Lowbie!) and a long list of substantive new features in the pipeline (see below). However, somewhat unusual for Star Atlas were the low numbers of viewers this time around. By our rough estimates, the townhall ranged between 200-300; a bit of a surprise given previous townhall numbers.

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Star Atlas Community Survey Results

Our goal with the survey was to get a sense of where the Star Atlas community lives, works and plays. In our survey we identified Europe (46.6%), North America (25.56%) and South America (13%) as the top regions. In terms of individual countries, most of the respondents listed the U.S. (~20%) followed by France (~12%) and Spain (11%) as their home countries.

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Atlessio’s Mob Machina could receive a major upgrade

Mob Machina, the popular NFT collection from the Star Atlas guild The Atlessio Family could possibly be set to receive a major update that includes semi-fungible tokens (SFTs). SFTs allow users to modify existing NFTs. The addition of SFTs to Mob Machina will add a whole new level of potential gameplay and excitement for gamers and collectors alike.

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